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Palliative care 002.1 Rationale

The aims of multidisciplinary case review meetings are to:

ensure all aspects of the patients care have been considered and documented in the patients records

improve communication within the team and with other organisations (e.g. care home, hospital, community nurse specialist) and particularly improve handover of information to out-of-hours services

co-ordinate each patient's management plan ensuring the most appropriate member of the team takes any action, avoiding duplication

ensure patients are sensitively enabled to express their preferences and priorities for care, including preferred place of care

ensure that the information and support needs of carers are discussed, anticipated and addressed where ever reasonably possible.

Many staff directly employed by the contractor find use of a checklist during the meeting helpful, as it helps to ensure all aspects of care are covered e.g. supportive care register (SCR) templates SCR1 and SCR2 the assessment tools on the GSF website. www.goldstandardsframework.org.uk

PC 002.2 Reporting and verification

See indicator wording for requirement criteria.

Verification - NHS England may request that the contractor provides evidence that the meetings took place which could be in the form of minutes of the meetings. Contractors may also be required to provide written evidence describing the system for initiating and recording meetings.

Prepared By Jean Keenan