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Aged 18 years and over with both a diagnosis code AND a treatment code:

Diagnostic codes for epilepsy

(excluding F2501, F2504, F2511 F2516, F256.% F258. F25A., F25y4, F25G, F25H. Generalised Seizure (v26))

F1321 Progressive myoclonic epilepsy
SC200 Traumatic epilepsy


Codes for epilepsy resolved

21260 Epilepsy resolved
212J. Epilepsy resolved


Drug treatment for epilepsy

d26..% CLOBAZAM (v16)


Epilepsy exception reporting codes added in the previous 12 months.

9h6.. Exception reporting: epilepsy quality indicators
9h61. Excepted from epilepsy quality indicators: Patient unsuitable
9h62. Excepted from epilepsy quality indicators: Informed dissent


Epilepsy 001.1 Rationale

Epilepsy is the most common serious neurological condition, affecting about five to ten per 1000 of the population at any one time. Few epilepsies are preventable, but appropriate clinical management can enable most patients with epilepsy to lead a full and productive life. For the purposes of the QOF, epilepsy is defined as 'recurrent unprovoked seizures'.

The disease register includes patients aged 18 or over, as care for younger patients is generally undertaken outside of primary care.

The phrase 'receiving treatment' has been included in order to exclude the large number of patients who may have had epilepsy in the past, may have not received treatment and been fit-free for many years. Some patients may still be coded as 'epilepsy' or 'history of epilepsy' and will be picked up on computer searches.

Patients who have a past history of epilepsy who are not on drug therapy are excluded from the register. Drugs on repeat prescription will be picked up on a search.

Epilepsy 001.2 Reporting and verification

See indicator wording for requirement criteria.

Verification NHS England may require a comparison of the expected prevalence with the reported prevalence recognising that reported prevalence will be reduced as the register is limited to those patients receiving drug treatment.


Prepared By Jean Keenan