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CS indicator 001

The contractor has a protocol that is in line with national guidance agreed with the NHS CB for the management of cervical screening, which includes staff training, management of patient call/recall, exception reporting and the regular monitoring of inadequate sample rates

CS 001.1 Rationale

If a robust system for the management of cervical screening is not in place then this is an area of great risk for general practice. The policy may have been drawn up outside the practice and is recommended to be in line with national guidance.

See guidance on exception reporting in section CS 002.1 contractor guidance.

The contractors protocol could be in the form of a written policy covering the issues outlined in the indicator wording.

CS 001.2 Reporting and verification

See indicator wording for requirement criteria.

The relevant practice staff are to be aware of the policy and NHS England may require that the contractor can demonstrate how the systems operate.


Prepared By Jean Keenan