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Recording BP in the preceding 5 years (Aged 45 years and over)

246% O/E - blood pressure reading,


2460 O/E - BP unrecordable (v7)
2468. O/E - BP reading:postural drop
246H. O/E - Arterial pressure index normal
246I. O/E - Arterial pressure index abnormal
246K. Target systolic blood pressure
246L. Target diastolic blood pressure
246M. White coat hypertension
246h. Arterial pulse pressure
246i. Diastolic blood pressure centile
246j. Systolic blood pressure centile
246k. Unequal blood pressure in arms (v26)

Exception (added in the preceding 5 years)

8I3Y. Blood pressure procedure refused(v27)

BP Indicator 002.1 Rationale

This indicator replaces two 2012/13 indicators from the organisational domain on the measurement of blood pressure (Records 11 and 17). The previous two indicators have been merged to reflect changes in the construction of the indicator. The merged indicator is measured as a fractional indicator in common with other clinical and PH indicators. This change allows for the measurement of continuous quality improvement.

Detecting elevated blood pressure and, where indicated, treating it, is known to be an effective health intervention. Raised blood pressure is common if it is measured on a single occasion but with repeated measurement blood pressure tends to drop. Guideline recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension are to be followed by practitioners when deciding on whether to treat raised blood pressure.

NICE clinical guideline CG34. Hypertension: management of hypertension in adults in primary care 2006.

The age limit of aged 45 or over, has been chosen as the vast majority of patients develop hypertension after this age. It is also to align the indicator more closely with the vascular checks programme and the cost-effectiveness modelling undertaken to support that programme. The age range 45 or over, coupled with a five year reference period, is designed to ensure that a blood pressure measurement takes place by the time someone reaches the age of 45.

It is anticipated that contractors will opportunistically check blood pressures in all adult patients.

BP 002.2 Reporting and verification

See indicator wording for requirement criteria.

Generally exception codes do not apply to this indicator. However, practices are able to except patients from this indicator using an indicator specific blood pressure refused code. See above for details of the available codes.


Prepared By Jean Keenan