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Stroke risk assessment CHADS2 score of greater than 1 Recorded in the preceding 15 months,

38DE. Congestive heart failure, hypertension, age, diabetes, stroke 2 risk score - Score of greater than 1

anti-coagulant drug therapy (Prescribed after 1st October, i.e. in previous 6 months)

Warfarin contraindications: persistent

14LP. H/O: warfarin allergy
TJ42. Adverse reaction to anticoagulants
TJ421 Adverse reaction to warfarin sodium
TJ422 Adverse reaction to nicoumalone
TJ423 Adverse reaction to phenindione
TJ42z Adverse reaction to anticoagulants NOS
U6042 [X]Anticoagulants causing adverse effects in therapeutic use
ZV14A [V]Personal history of warfarin allergy

Warfarin contraindications: expiring (12 months)

8I25. Warfarin contraindicated
8I3E. Warfarin declined
8I65. Warfarin not indicated
8I71. Warfarin not tolerated
8I2R. Anticoagulation contraindicated
8I3d. Anticoagulation declined
8I6N. Anticoagulation not indicated
8I7A. Anticoagulation not tolerated
8I2o. Dabigatran contraindicated
8IES. Dabigatran declined
8I611 Dabigatran not indicated
8I7R. Dabigatran not tolerated
8I2u. Novel oral anticoagulant contraindicated
8IH1. Novel oral anticoagulant declined
8I6s. Novel oral anticoagulant not indicated
8I7V. Novel oral anticoagulant not tolerated

Warfarin prescription codes (prescribed in last 6 months (v10))

8B2K. Anticoagulant prescribed by third party


AF 004.1: Rationale

See AF 005.1

Where the CHADS2 score is greater than 1 the patient is at high risk of having a future stroke and the patient should be offered treatment with anti-coagulation drug therapy.

AF 004.2: Reporting and verification

In those patients with atrial fibrillation whose latest record of a CHADS2 score is greater than 1, the percentage of patients who are currently treated with anti-coagulation therapy



Guidelines for the management of atrial fibrillation The Task Force for the Management of Atrial Fibrillation of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) (2010) Guidelines for the management of atrial fibrillation. European Heart Journal 31: 2369-429. Available from www.escardio.org/guidelinessurveys/esc-guidelines/GuidelinesDocuments/guidelines-afib-FT.pdf



Prepared By Jean Keenan