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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the payment per point for 2014/2015?
The pound per point for 2014/15 will be confirmed later in the year - NHS Employers (the value per QOF point for 2013-14 was 156.92)

How many QOF points are there in 2014/2015?
The total of QOF points available for 2014-2015 will be 559. (This means that there are 341 points which are being removed from QOF)

What is going to be used as the average list size for 2014/2015?
They will use an average list size of 7052, which was from 1st April 2014. (It was 6911 in 2013/2014)

What is happening to the Global Sum?
The overall impact will be an increase in the GMS global sum price per weighted patient from 66.25 in 2013/14 to 73.56 in 2014/15.

How will the phasing out of MPIG will affect practices?
From 1st April 2014, practices in receipt of correction factor payments will lose one seventh of their 2014 correction factor funding each year for 7 years. The aim is for all GMS practices to receive the same weighted price per patient by 2020-2021. This process has been set out in the 2014-2015 Statement of Financial Entitlements. See BMA Guidance on MPIG changes

How will all this effect Practice funding?
NHS England has produced a ready reckoner for practices to use as a rough guide to estimate how their funding will change in 2014-2015, both as a result of the phasing out of MPIG and the negotiated changes to the GP contract for 2014/15. Access it here.


Prepared By Jean Keenan