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Rotavirus (routine childhood immunisation) Aged under 24 weeks.

The following codes will need to be used and to enable CQRS to calculate payment based on the GPES extraction:

65d0.First rotavirus vaccination
65d1. Second rotavirus vaccination

The following codes will not be used for payment but will support additional reporting.

8I2s. Rotavirus vaccination contraindicated
8IEm. Rotavirus vaccination declined
68Nw. No consent to Rotavirus vaccination
9Nih. Did not attend first rotavirus vaccination
9Nii. Did not attend second rotavirus vaccination
8IEm0 First rotavirus vaccination declined
8IEm1 Second rotavirus vaccination declined
14L50 H/O: rotavirus vaccine allergy
U60K5 [X]Rotavirus vaccine causing adverse effects in therapy use


Prepared By Jean Keenan