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GMS Contract - Other changes

See the Guidance (From page 8 to 21)

And Changes agreed for implementation later in 2014

Named GP for Patients aged 75 and over - Guidance page, 8

As part of the commitment to more personalised care for more patients with longterm conditions, NHS Employers and GPC have agreed that all patients aged 75 and over will have a named accountable GP. Newly registered patients, and any patients who turn 75 during the financial year, must be notified within 21 days of registration. All existing patients must be notified by 30 June 2014.

67DJ. Informing patient of named accountable general practitioner

69DA. Over 75 health check (In the event that a patient over the age of 75 receives a health check, this is the recommended code)

Practices will contact, by the most appropriate means, each patient and inform them they have been allocated a named accountable GP and who it is. An example of a template letter and patient leaflet to inform patients about their named GP will be available for practices to use. The practice will decide what the most appropriate means is given the circumstances of individual patients. Informing a patient as to the name of their accountable GP at their next routine consultation is acceptable.

Quality of out of hours services - Guidance page, 10

Practices who have opted out of OOH services will need to monitor the quality of the local OOH services offered to their registered patients and report on any concerns. Any concerns about the quality of OOH services will therefore need to be reported to the responsible CCG under agreed local systems.


Seniority - Guidance page, 12

Seniority payments will cease on 31 March 2020. In the meantime, those in receipt of payments on 31 March 2014 will continue to receive payments and progress as currently set out in the SFE. There will be no new entrants to the scheme from 1 April 2014. This means that from April 2014, GPs with up to seven years qualifying service will not receive seniority payments. The current qualifying arrangements will continue for those currently in receipt of payments this includes those who undertake 24-hour retirement.

It is intended that this will result in a 15% reduction in spend each year from 2014/15 to 2019/20. Any money released will be invested in core funding.

Care Quality Commission inspections - Guidance page, 19

It has been agreed that when the Care Quality Commission (CQC) new inspection arrangements are introduced from October 2014, practices will be required to display the inspection outcome in their waiting room(s) and on the practice's website.


Patients needing access to a practice clinician after assessment - Guidance page, 19

Where a patient has been assessed as needing contact with a practice clinician, the practice will ensure that when the patient contacts the practice, a practice clinician will agree appropriate next steps having regard to the patient's condition and circumstances.

Publication of GP earnings - Guidance page, 19

NHS Employers and GPC have agreed to work with NHS England, to develop proposals on how the publication of GP NHS net earnings relating to the contract should be implemented for 2015/16 (i.e. publication using data on 2014/15 earnings).

Carr-Hill formula and deprivation - Guidance page, 20

NHS Employers and GPC have previously agreed to explore how the Carr-Hill formula might be adjusted to give greater weighting to deprivation factors. NHS Employers, GPC and NHS England are also working to develop changes to the formula to be implemented from April 2015


Changes agreed for implementation later in 2014

Friends and Family Test - Basic Guidance

Full Guidance

From December 2014, all practices will be under a contractual requirement to undertake the Friends and Family Test (FFT) and report the results of this.

Choice of GP practice - Guidance page, 21

From 1 October 2014, all GP practices will be able to register patients from outside their traditional practice boundary areas, without any obligation to provide home visits for such patients.

Minimum Practice Income Guarantee (MPIG) - Guidance page, 21

The DH has decided to phase out MPIG payments over a 7 year period, correction factor payments will reduce by one seventh in 2014-2015 and this funding will be re-invested in the global sum.

GP Pay and Expenses

The government will uplift GMS contracts by 0.28%. This will be delivered through an uplift to the Global Sum


Prepared By Jean Keenan